26 & 27 JAN 2026

Rexon Insulation Foam


Rexon Insulation Foam


Looking for an exceptional insulation solution that provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance? DL Chemicals introduces Rexon Insulation Foam, the sprayable PU gunfoam that will transform your insulation (repair) projects. 

Insulation of buildings, vehicles and vessels! Can be used for insulating hard-to-reach places and uneven or curved surfaces, such as pipes, barrels, tanks, attics, basements, garage doors, containers, lintels, doors, ceilings. 

  • Thanks to its dense, consistent, and flexible cell structure, Rexon Insulation Foam offers thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and noise disturbances!

  • Consistent & Quick Application: the spray applicator makes it incredibly easy and efficient to apply the PU foam in a wide layer. You have the freedom to choose the foam layer's thickness, providing ultimate customization options.

  • Durable & Versatile: The cured foam is resistant against water, UV rays, and wear-and-tear. It remains flexible over time, guaranteeing a lasting solution that won't become brittle or crack.


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